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Attic Restoration & Animal Removal Services


Attic animal removal & restoration services FL

Raccoon droppings in attic

An attic that is full of old, dusty, contaminated insulation is not only a potential health hazard to the home’s occupants but it is also unusable. Who would want to store their belongings among filthy insulation, years of dust-mites and animal droppings? Reclaim your attic and turn it into usable space with our insulation removal and attic clean out services.


Professional Insulation removal is something that we take very seriously. Our technicians have developed a safe, effective procedure for removing soiled insulation from attics or crawlspaces. Using commercial insulation removal equipment we are able to remove all of the insulation in an attic WITHOUT any of it traveling through the living space of the home. This ensures that none of the dust, debris or animal feces in the attic makes its way down into your house. This is the safest and most practical way to remove old insulation from an attic.

Why Insulation Removal?

There are three main reasons to have insulation removed from an attic:

  1. Over Insulation
  2. Damaged/Contaminated Insulation
  3. Animal droppings in attic
  4. Dead animal smell in attic
  5. Upgrading Insulation

We often see attics that are strewn with animal feces from squirrel, raccoon, bat and mice infestations. In these cases the droppings and urine deposits often create strong odors and can be hazardous. Sometimes its a home improvement project that warrants removing and replacing the insulation in an attic. Other times it is something as simple as old blown insulation trickling out of cracks around light fixtures and attic doors.

Energy Savings

The insulation of today is far superior to the insulation that was used only 10-15 years ago. When you have the old, inadequate insulation in your attic removed and replaced with the proper amount of modern insulation you WILL see a noticeable reduction in your heating costs.

Why not just go over the old insulation with a new layer?

When you install a layer of brand new insulation directly over the top of old filthy insulation that is strewn with years worth of dust and animal droppings you are creating a “Bacterial Lasagna” in your attic. This can negatively effect the energy conservation and air quality of your home. It can also create moisture problems and in turn generate staining in drywall ceilings. Do you really want this situation in your home?

Insulation Removal Services Case Study – Renovation Project

In January of 2008 we inspected a home for an insulation removal service and found a very common problem. The homeowner was in the middle of a large renovation project that involved gutting the walls and ceilings of the home. The problem was that the attic was over-insulated (with both cellulose and fiberglass insulation) and every time they would pull a piece of the ceiling down they would get covered in a shower of old, dirty blown insulation. It became apparent to the homeowner that all of the insulation would have to be removed from the attic before this project could continue.

This project presented us with a lot of difficult obstacles. First there was about twice the normal amount of insulation in this attic. On the floor was an old layer of fiberglass insulation and there was roughly about 10 inches of old, dusty cellulose (blown) insulation on top of that. Next was the maze of ducts and HVAC equipment that were jammed into this relatively small attic. These ducts are very difficult to work around. Add in 100 miles of old wiring, plywood flooring and even copper piping that all had to be pulled up and a dozen very tight areas and it all adds up to a very difficult job.

This insulation removal project took our crew 3 days to complete. Every bit of insulation was removed from this nightmare of an attic. The attic was then cleaned with several types of cleaning solutions. Finally we re-insulated the entire attic space with a heavy layer of fiberglass insulation. When the project was complete the homeowner was very happy and was able to move on with the renovation project.

If you have any of the problems outlined on this page and you would like to speak to us about a solution to your problem, please contact us to setup an inspection of your attic.

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