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Know Your Wild Life



Iguanas: Green Iguanas are the most commonly found here in South Florida. Florida is over grown with this invasive species and there population is growing rapidly. They commonly each shrubs, trees, landscape plants and vegetation, and they also cause problems by digging nesting burrows that can destroy sidewalks and foundations.



wildlife-raccoonsRaccoons: Raccoons are one of the most common nuisance animal species here in South Florida. The Raccoons most commonly found here in South Florida are the “Northern Raccoon” They are most abundant near water, swamps, mangroves, and often forage near homes and trash cans. Raccoons adapt easily to there surrounding and are capable of opening up objects with there little hands. We acknowledge that they are intelligent and quite mischievous. They are very strong, and they are excellent climbers. For these reasons, they commonly break into houses where they like to live, raise young, and steal food. Many raccoons have no fear of people or dogs, and commonly come into conflict with humans.


wildlife-armadilloArmadillos: Although they mean no harm to humans, they cause much property damage. Armadillos damage crops, shrubs, and landscape plants by nesting and feeding along the root line of someone’s property. Armadillos frequently burrow next to or under a home or other cover, such as an AC unit or oil tank. They also dig under decks, sheds and sidewalks. They dig worms and grubs out of the ground and can often wreck a person’s nice landscaping while in search of food. If you even see little holes in your yard near plants this is probably a result of an Armadillo searching for food.


wildlife-possumOpossums: They are commonly called Possums. They are usually a gentle and solitary animal staying near a good source of water and food. Families will group together and burrow under houses. These are the most commonly found “critters” around your home and neighborhood. These marsupials are usually gentle and slow, as scavengers, they frequently get into people’s pet food and garbage.


wildlife-snakeSnakes: There are a wide variety of snakes here in South Florida. Snakes get into garage and home attic on occasion. There are over 50 types of snakes in Florida, and only Six of them are venomous. It is hard to identify a venomous snake. We suggest to use extreme caution when approaching a snake.



wildlife-geeseWild Geese/Duck Control: There are a handful of methods currently used by organizations suffering from Geese populations. Only one has proven to be successful. Many have tried scarecrows, flags, mylar tape and balloons. Others have tried pop guns, noise makers, fencing, and sound machines. Some have even applied chemicals to the turf. None of these provide an effective, natural and long-lasting solution. Only the use of highly trained dogs will control your Geese problem year-round. Here at SoFlo Wildlife we have been running our dogs for years trying to control the Geese population on local Golf Courses


wildlife-boarFeral Hogs: Feral hogs are very destructive. The holes they dig and root in your grass to find their food can destroy a yard in very little time. They are omnivores eating both vegetables and animal matter. The wild hogs can eat small animals like livestock and pets. Feral hogs need to be trapped and removed to protect your property and pets.



Dead Animals: Please call us for any dead animal removal. Never attempt to move these animals yourself.